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Empire Interactive and Bugbear Entertainment announced that the PC demo of their Christmas racing title FlatOut is premiering at nVidia's nZone. Available for immediate download the PC demo shows off two game tracks and one of the cars as well as a ragdoll sports minigame from the eagerly anticipated racer.

FlatOut is high-octane racing at its best, as you throw yourself around 48 tracks and events in the battle for victory. FlatOut is set to define a new standard in racing games, introducing fully interactive, open-ended tracks, groundbreaking physics, unique and innovative mini-games and ragdoll drivers.

Anything you destroy or alter in FlatOut stays a part of the race, increasing the carnage to unprecedented levels! Broken fences, free rolling tires, smashed lamp posts and even mangled parts of cars are left scattered around the track, increasing the mayhem with every lap and making each race unique. Open-ended environments give the player the chance to cut corners, take daring shortcuts and really exploit the vast tracks. And if you push things to far head-on impacts cause your driver to be thrown out of the windscreen into the mayhem!

A playable PC demo of FlatOut is now available for immediate download by following the download tab above. Players can experience two of FlatOut's 36 dedicated race courses: Finchley Challenge forest and Fairgrass Cup race track. The demo also includes one of FlatOut's 12 insane minigames: High Jump. Launch your driver up in the air and over the bars as you aim to get the greatest height. But remember, what goes up must come down.

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