FPS Terminator: Demo (Alpha 2.0)


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This alpha release features two maps this time. One is a remake of the San Francisco bay from the first alpha release, and the other map is of downtown L.A. Los Angeles will be a sandbox with a linear mission (Kind of like Crysis), which will offer many branching paths that all lead to your objective. Different paths can vary in difficulty and playstyle. Some paths will take you into a warzone against HK aeriels and tanks, as well as many other foes. Other paths can take you through sunken buildings where you fight patrolling swarms of HK minis

There are a few improvements done with the gameplay as well. First to mention is that the player has very little health, and will be mutilated if out in the open, so game will have a first person cover system that will let you duck behind a piece of rubble and quickly pop in and out to attack your enemies. Keep in mind that the cover system is still very buggy and is still at a very early prototype state.

There is also a hint button now in case you get lost. hitting the button will pop Holographic arrows in the map that suggest paths the player could go (not has to go, remember the map is a sandbox). Some suggested me to use way-point markers instead, but In a sandbox environment, it doesn't show the player the options toward the destination.

I'll tell you this now most of the endoskeletons you will find on the battlefield are not T800s but T700s. They are a dark, rusty brown color instead of chrome, and they fall down much easier. you Will fight a total of Three T800s in the demo and they are insanely harder than the 700 models. At first it will be a bit difficult spotting the difference between the two but soon you'll notice the chrome one is much tougher.

There will also be many HK minis in the demo. These guys are the cannon fodder Skynet's army. but they are fast and come in large numbers. You will also confront HK tanks. these guys will mostly be scripted but will play important roles in the larger set pieces.

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