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Embark on a beautiful journey in search of true love! Set foot on a romantic adventure and bathe in the enchanting waters of distant lands. Meet and befriend other characters who will guide you on this quest and prepare you for the ultimate romance by challenging you with exciting and fun mini games.

Play games ranging from River Jumping and Skeet Shooting to Treasure Hunt and Dance Practice! Hone your mind and body with these engaging and playful mini games to prepare yourself for the pursuit of your one true love. Will you earn the right to dance with her at the Flower Festival? Only time can tell.

Frogs in Love features include:

* Cutting-edge graphics of a caliber never seen before in a casual game.
* 5 large and expansive ponds for players to roam and explore.
* 13 fun and exciting mini games to unlock.
* 106 unbelievably beautiful levels, each handcrafted by artists.
* Interactive and responsive world based on physics.

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