Galactic Dream: Rage Of War - v1.2G Demo


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Here's an updated demo for Galactic Dream: Rage of War, a 3D strategy game in real time in which you gather resources, build facilities in space and train star-ships with the final purpose of decimating your enemies. Humanity has now less than one hundred years to forever abandon the Colonies to search for another home world, if they are to survive against the menace coming from the galactic core.

Galactic Dream: Rage of War will definitely attract the audience through its acceptable learning curve, the attention for details and visionary insight of Evolution Vault® team, and also the frequently updated contents.
Changes to Version 1.2G:

Display problems and text overlaps with some NVidia video cards;
Queue problem when placing orders at multiple buildings;
Refineries have gained full mobility when moved around asteroids.

In-game GUI hide function - press the red arrow on Mini-Map;
Predefined Startup Settings to Customizer;
The Game Manual, which includes the Galactic Chronicles;
New tracks (14) to the FULL version, 11 of them by Trevor Lentz.

Replaced many graphical elements, mostly menus;
Optimizations to game engine for smoother run;
Randomized the music playlist order;
F8 key reveals owned units/buildings out of total created, as well as player control (human/computer) by their colors;
Improved network transmission;
Replaced/added several sounds (unit weapons, voices);
Changed few unit engagement animations.

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