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The year is 2064. The Terrans have expanded far into space and now face a dire threat without having any knowledge of it: the ravenous Dakras. For generations, the two main human factions have been at war with each other: the Confederates and the rebels calling themselves Wraths. Once a unified Federation, the Terrans have splintered into a number of factions constantly under a state of war, having no possibility of knowing that their petty struggles take place under the watchful eye of the evil Abyss King of Dakras and his minions.

Since the establishment of the first Colonies, the Terrans have enjoyed peace of mind and a sense of racial security on the premises that there are no other sentient life forms out there, except for themselves. This assumption was deemed unquestionable and thoughts to the contrary were actively discouraged. Under strange circumstances, several disks containing sensitive information on the Confederacy Global Defense system were stolen and the confederates are willing to do just about anything to get them back.

However, when the Confederate General Neal discovers that the stolen disks contain something other than security details, a merciless manhunt is staged by the Confederacy itself, struggling to contain the security leak. The general later joins forces with those who were once his sworn enemies - the Wraths - in order to stay alive… Immerse yourself into the epic world of Galactic Dream by playing through a tale about choosing sides and about how one man can make a difference despite all odds and obstacles facing him.

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