Gangland SP Demo


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GANGLAND is a fast pace arcade style action game that combines the RTS, RPG & SIM genres into a whole new breed. All wannabe mobster bosses can look forward to a unique experience that'll blow your brains out!

- GANGLAND offers a unique blend of RTS/RPG/SIM
- Experience a living city with 800+ citizens per map
- Interact with 500+ npc's with individual behavior
- Make your own family from 20+ unique characters
- Build a business empire on lots of illegal activities
- Visit 26 different map locations in Paradise City
- Solve 26 conquests and challenges
- Make use of a vast array of weapons and gadgets
- Use the environment in thrilling action-driven combat
- Use subversive gameplay tactics to trap your opponents
- Get surprised by the non-linear event-driven plot
- Compete with other players to get on the highscore lists

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