Global Operations Public Beta


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Global Operations features all the essential components of addictive first person shooters, including extensive, diverse environments and heart-pounding action. The title is an action game with highly realistic weapons and environments built from the ground up for the multiplayer experience. With a wide variety of mission styles, including hostage rescue, bomb defusing, territory control, VIP escort, base destruction, assassination, and assault / defend, Global Operations offer the most advanced teamplay experience to come along on the PC.

Global Operations takes the player through different armed conflict situations in recognizable international locations. Scenarios will be loosely based on real world conflicts from the present day and the past. Players are members of a squad that plays on either side of each conflict, and missions can be completed offline using a squad of AI controlled team-members.

You can also download using eDonkey. You can find out how to use eDonkey in the extensive Filenexus beginners guide and in the Sharereactor beginners guide
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