GoD Factory: Wingmen Alpha Preview


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GoD Factory: Wingmen is the second title by Nine Dots Studio. It’s a squad based competitive space combat sim in which the goal is to destroy the enemy’s carrier ship while protecting your own. The game features a very extensive ship customization system, in which ships are built component by component by selecting different hulls, cockpits, wings, power cores, shield generators, special ability devices, weapons, thrusters, etc. These parts affect both the look at capacities of your craft, allowing the player to craft a ship that fits the role he wants to play in a fight. There will be four playable species at launch, each having their own unique ship parts and abilities.

Players get to build their ships by spending points they earned by playing matches, building their ship so that they get incrementally better as they play. While in matches, the player brings two different ships to the fight and can alternate between them during a match, allowing for more versatility. These ships can also be switched with other players while in-game, should they accept to share with them.

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