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Gods of the Fallen Land is an action-strategy game centered around base building and villager management. Take on the roll of a leader trying to rebuild humanity in a broken and dangerous world. Build your defenses and keep your followers safe through the night, while collecting and managing your resources during the day to face the ever growing threats. Lead your followers into battle and make strategic decisions on what to develop and build to survive.

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house harvester mill church oratory garrison command archery ward supermortar smith wall gate altarAbram Acton Addington Ainsworth Alby Allerton Alston Altham Alton Anderton Appleton Asheton Ashley Ashton Astley Atherton Atterton Barclay Barlow Barney Barton Beckwith Benson Bentham Bentley Berkeley Beverly Bing Birkenhead Blackwood Blankley Blythe Bradford Bradley Bradly Bradshaw Brady Brandon Branson Braxton Breeden Brent Bristol Browning Brownrigg Burton Byron Camden Carlisle Carlton Carlyle Charlton Chatham Chester Cholmondeley Churchill Clapham Clare Clayden Clayton Clifford Clifton Clinton Clive Colby Colton Compton Coombs Copeland Cotton Crawford Cromwell Cumberbatch Dalton Darby Darlington Davenport Dayton Deighton Denholm Digby Dryden Dudley Eastaughffe Eastoft Elton Emsworth Enfield England Fawcett Fulton Garfield Garrick Gladstone Graeme Graham Gresham Hackney Hailey Hale Haley Hallewell Hamilton Hampton Harley Harrington Hartford Hastings Hayden Hayes Hayhurst Hayley Holton Home Hornsby Huckabee Huxley Kelsey Kendal Kendall Kent Kimberley Kimberly Kirby Lancaster Landon Langdon Langley Law Leighton Lester Lincoln Lindsay Lindsey Livingstone Marlowe Marston Merton Middleton Milton Mitchell Morley Morton Myerscough Nash Nibley Norton Oakes Oakley Ogden Payton Perry Peyton Pickering Pinkerton Prescott Presley Preston Quinton Ramsay Ramsey Read Reed Reid Remington Richmond Ridley Riley Rodney Roscoe Rose Rowley Royal Royston Rutherford Rutland Rylan Ryley Shelby Sheldon Shelley Shelly Sherwood Shirley Snape Snowdon Soames Southey Spalding Spaulding Springfield Stafford Stanford Stanley Stansfield Stanton Stratford Sutherland Sutton Sydney Tattersall Tatum Thackeray Thornton Thorpe Tindall Trollope Tyndall Upton Vance Wade Wakefield Walcott Wallace Walpole Warwick Washington Webley Wedgwood Weld Wellington Wentworth Wesley Westbrook Weston Wharton Wheatley Whitby Wilberforce Willoughby Winchester Windsor Winterbourne Winthrop Wordsworth Yardley Yeardley York YorkeAinsley Aldridge Aldwyn Alger Arley Ashliegh Athelstan Axton Barclay Barton Blaxton Bradley Bray Brett Bromley Buckley Burke Burley Byford Calder Calvert Chadwick Chetwin Crewe Cromwell Dalbert Dallin Delwyn Dempster Denley Derward Devereux Dryden Dwennon Earl Edbert Edlin Egerton Eldric Elsdon Elv Elwin Elwood Erwin Everard Fairley Fane Fenwick Fernleigh Fielding Firth Frayne Freeman Fuller Fulton Gladstone Goddard Gomer Graeme Grantham Gresham Haddon Hadley Hagley Haig Halstead Hamilton Hampton Hardwin Hargreave Harlan Haslett Haven Hayden Hayes Heathcote Hedley Hollis Holmes Huntley Huxley Jamieson Jefferson Kemp Kendrick Kenley Kenley Kenrick Kenton Kingston Kinsey Kirkley Kirkwood Kyne Laibrook Lancelot Lane Langley Langworth Launcelot Lawford Lawson Leigh Lester Leverton Linford Linley Linwood Litton Livingston Locke Lockwood Lyndell Macy Manning Marden Marley Marlow Mead Medwin Merrill Mervyn Milbourn Milford Millard Morland Morley Morton Nash Nickson North Norville Norvin Norwood Nyle Oglesby Ordway Orford Orman Ormond Osmar Osmond Oxford Oxton Packard Palmer Patton Paxton Pelton Penley Pollock Prentice Prescott Presley Radborne Radcliff Radcliffe Radford Radnor Raleigh Ramsay Ramsden Ranald Randal Randell Randolph Ransley Ransowarrior Raven Ravinger Rawley Rayburn Raynold Reading Redford Reginald Reilly Remington Renfred Renshaw Reynold Ridgeway Ridgley Ridley Risley Riston Rochester Rockley Rockwell Ronald Ronson Routledge Rowell Rowley Rowson Roxbury Rudyard Rufford Rumford Rushford Rutledge Rutley Ryle Ryley Safford Salisbury Salton Sanborn Saunderson Saxon Scott Seabert Seaborne Seabrook Sealey Seger Shandy Sheldon Shelley Shepherd Sherborne Sherwood Snowden Somerset Somerville Southwell Standish Stanfield Stanford Stanhope Stanley Starr Stockton Stowe Stratford Stratton Stroud Sykes Tannar Tarrant Tatufrom Taylor Teddie Tennyson Thatcher Thormund Thorne Thornley Thornton Thorpe Thurlow Thurstan Tilford Townsend Tranter Tripp Trowbridge Twyford Udolf Ulfred Unwin Upton Upwood Vail Vane Venn Wainwright Waite Wakefield Wakeman Walby Walwyn Warburton Warley Warmund Waverly Webster Welby Wentworth Westbrook Westby Weston Wheaton Wheeler Whitby Whitcombe Whitfield Wickhameadow Wilkes Willoughby Winchester Wistan Witton Wyndathe Wyndhathe Wystan Yale Yardley York Yule ZaleW,A,S,D: Move Leader Character Left Click: Attack / Use Menu / Use Action Left Click (Held): Assign follower to Building / Charge Attack Right Click: Cancel Action Right Click (Held): Select Followers Middle Click/R: Dismiss selected Followers Tab: Follower Info Q: Build Menu E: Command Menu Right Click held + Left Click: Set Wait Point for selected units Z: Demolition Mode (Destroy Buildings) (Hold)Shift + Left Click: Will place a building or use an item without canceling selection. X: Attack Order, Sends selected Combat Followers to attack. C: Return Order, Calls back selected Combat Followers from attacking. T: Change Job Type selected by right click selection. Left Click and Drag: Build walls in a line. 1, 2, 3, ect: Ability Hotkeys. F: Near Crystal, level up.Leader Character You directly control a single character that can be used to: organize and assign followers, use items and abilities, attack directly, and place buildings using Resources. You have a limited Health pool and when it runs out you will have to wait a short time to respawn at the Crystal. Health and Attack Power can be increased, along with unlocking new abilities by spending Aether to level up at the Crystal. Followers Followers can be appointed to perform various tasks, such as combat roles, gathering Materials, and healing injured by selecting them and then assigning them to the appropriate building. They have limited health, and if they die they're gone for good. They also have levels and traits which differentiate them, these can be viewed on the Followers Info menu. Followers will arrive every day as long as your population isn't at its cap. This cap can be raised by building houses. Resources Materials: Acquired using followers assigned as gatherers at a Harvester building. Gatherers can harvest Materials from Ores, Trees, and various other objects. Aether: Primarily acquired from defeating enemies. Relics: Usually dropped by tough enemies or alike. When hauled back to the Crystal using followers it will be automatically collected. Food: Food is acquired by building a mill and assigning followers to it. Food is required to sustain a population, without it people will starve. Crystal The Crystal is the heart of your settlement; if it is destroyed the game will end. The Crystal allows you to level up, it will attack nearby enemies, and will also heal nearby injured. Threats Threats come in the form of enemy raids, usually at night. Enemy structures can also appear on the map and cause small raids even during the day. Some enemies can only be found during the day and can be defeated for valuable Resources. The number and difficulty of threats will increase with the growth of your population and the passing of time. Version 1.1 New Features -Added Snow Maps -Added Snow Kin Enemy -Added Snow King Enemy -Added Snow Weather -Added Stormcaller Staff item weapon (Drops from weather enemies and large chests) Snow maps are an alternative map type with different visuals and two new enemies New enemies only spawn while its snowing 50% chance of generating a snow map when starting a new game Will be expanded upon more in the future Gameplay -Followers now speak more often in certain situations to alert you of their status (Such as if they cannot garrison inside or if they are selected and not performing their job) -Blessing of Vigor Level requirement raised from 3 to 4 -Starstorm Level requirement lowered from 4 to 3 -An endgame enemy can now inflict Panic -Slimes now only spawn on normal maps, during the rain -Weather chance is now more random -Improved damage and scaling of Holy Ground ability -Added Advanced Agriculture upgrade, improves crop yields by 1 each rank. -Active Crypts will now show up on the minimap -Standardized crop growth times, now always grows one full yield a day. -Advanced Storage upgrade cost reduced, 600 Materials to 300, 800 Aether to 500 UI -Added indicators for Follower Orders -Title Screen now scales better at higher resolutions -Added Demolish Building to command menu (Previously only accessible via Z Key) -Added Status icon for Panic effect -Food Per Day counter now takes into account current crop count (NOTE: This is just a count of your planted crops and food drain, if you dont have anyone assigned to the mill the crops wont be harvested) Graphics -Improved visuals of endgame enemy structures -Improved visuals of Lich Boss attack effects -Minor animation changes Bugs -Fixed Health bar not displaying if an enemy is shielded -Fixed some allied projectiles displaying status icons -Fixed enemies fleeing into rock wall at sunrise -Fixed issue where you could select followers while dead -Fixed issue where allied golems names would show as Golem Golem on death -Possible fix to rare launch issue -Fixed Wisp sounds ignoring sound volume setting -Fixed issue with incorrect/overlapping building outlines -Fixed bug where saving and loading during the Lich attack would cause the event to end prematurely Version 1.0.1 UI -Added Indicator for Alarm Bell -Added Button for Pause Menu(Previously only accessible via Esc Key) -Added Info Menu on Title Screen -Added Status Effect Indicators for movement penalty effects -Various small changes Gameplay -Added Small Slime Enemy -Added Medium Slime Enemy -Slimes can now spawn while its raining -Added Rooted status effect Bugs -Rare crash fixed -Several minor bugs fixed Version 1.0 -Game Released

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