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Grapple Knight is now officially on Kickstarter! Here is the demo from the campaign debut with many more updates coming soon. Some of the new features include a revised grapple system, new enemy types and of course the upgraded graphics! Support the campaign and let us know what you think. We don't personally have a Linux box here in the office so we will need the entire communities help with making sure it is as high a quality as the PC and Mac versions because we want to make sure our Linux brothers and sisters have some fun games to play!

Grapple Knight is a momentum based, action platformer that pays homage to the games of the late 80's and early 90's that Red Knight Games grew up with.

Play as Jouren as you take up the mantle of a fallen knight to journey through a myriad of environments and battle hordes of twisted creatures; on a quest to stop the evil Alchemist and free his grip from your homeland!

• Xbox and PS3 controller support*
• With the help of your companion Stroud, use your spirit grapple to jump, grab and swing through environments, comboing all the way.
• Using your magical axe, defeat the monsters which stand in your way, sometimes even using them to reach heights you never thought possible.
• Avoid the pitfalls and dangers the Alchemist has placed in your way using all the powerful and acrobatic prowess at your disposal.
• Uncover the tombs of fallen warriors that grant special attributes and perks allowing you to customise your experience and play your way.
• Gain new abilities and attacks as you defeat bosses and the Alchemist's most powerful creations, transforming Jouren from a common man into a knight of legend.
• Enjoy 16 bit style graphics and music to take you back to that nostalgic era of challenges and gameplay that captured the hearts and imaginations of many.
• Will be available on Windows/Mac and Linux.

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