Gravity Core Demo v1.52


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Changes in this version:

New: Simplified keyboard and mouse control system.
New: Improved display on high resolution screens.
New: Resizable HUD / Minimap and more obvious Minimap symbols.
New: Difficulty level can be adjusted prior to any mission.

Reorganisation of difficulty levels.
Reduced numbers of enemies on Easy / Normal.
Weaker enemies on lower difficulty levels.
Less aggressive enemies on lower difficulty levels (speed / firing).
Refinements to control sensitivity and shield / firing switching.

An unknown force has taken control of the fledgling mining colony in the Mars Jupiter Asteroid Belt. Earth's military cruisers are unable to navigate the confines of the asteroids. As the only mining pilot on the outside, that just leaves you!

You must use all your piloting skill to rescue the miners and find a way to defeat the threat!

- 50+ Levels of intense fighting and daring rescues.
- Take on dynamic, free-roaming adversaries. No battle is ever the same.
- Tear up enemies with plasma, cannon shells, gattling guns, missiles and devastating frag bombs.

- Campaign decisions affect resistance encountered.
- Randomly generated campaigns offer practically infinite replay value.

- Fight side by side in co-operative play.
- Blow each to bits in Player vs Player.

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