Gunlok (New Version)


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You play Gunlok, a lone member of the Advanced Special Forces Group. The machines have won, but humans continue to strive against them. After a period of training and contemplation you are now in absolute control of your battle armour and Earth Powers. You decide now is the time to strike back. Now is the time to take the fight to The Corporation.

Gunlok is a '3D team based action strategy' game, from Rebellion, the developers of the number one world-wide hit Aliens vs. Predator. As the game starts the player sets out on a quest to destroy The Corporation, along the way solving puzzles and battling robots as he strives to free mankind. During the game Gunlok picks up companions and together, through team co-operation and using each other's unique abilities, they battle their way to a final confrontation with the evil at the heart of The Corporation.

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