Heaven and Hell Demo


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Game Info:

...And lead us not into temptation - But that's the whole point! Indulge yourself.
Take on the amusing role of a soul snatcher who wields omniscient power. Play Heaven & Hell: convince the cute and cuddly Earth dwellers that you're the long-awaited Redeemer who'll bring salvation to their chaotic world. Let no one doubt the truthfulness of your message. Your faithful fanatics launch rotten fruits and vegetables at opposing prophets, while your prophets pummel doubters into holy submission. Alternatively, use miracles and plagues to lead the disbelieving unto the path of the righteous. In this way, your flock shall grow and grow and grow...

Game Features:

•Gripping real time build-and-destroy strategy game in which you choose to play a good or evil God
•Amusing battle of good vs. evil features two colorful campaigns
•Each side has miracles and catastrophes at its disposal: rainbows, angels, demons, lightning, earthquakes, floods and plagues of locusts and frogs
•7 prophets with individual abilities, serving in capacities such as brute and secret agent
•4 endearing nations that react differently towards good and evil
•Your decisions visibly alter the landscape
•Comical cartoon-like world, where every action has a logical consequence
•Day and night cycles alter nations' susceptibility to good and evil
•Random mission generator for endless gaming excitement
•Multiplayer for up to 8 player

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