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December 7 th, 1941: A Japanese naval strike force, including six aircraft carriers, turns into the wind 235 miles north of Oahu, Hawaii. Almost two hundred fighters, bombers, and torpedo planes are launched into the air. Their target: Pearl Harbor

Heroes of the Pacific begins with the attack on Pearl Harbor and lets the player participate in some of the most memorable battles of the Pacific campaign, including Wake Island, Midway, and Coral Sea.

For the first time players will experience the epic scope of the battles, placing hundreds of planes on the screen in a single confrontation.

Six game modes, over thirty-five WWII aircraft, compelling story through the war, arcade and professional controls, workshop to customise your plane's weapon loadout and plane setup plus much much more ...

Game Modes:

• Six game modes: Campaign, Instant Action, Single Mission, Historical, Training, Multiplayer


• Over thirty-five WWII aircraft, including all major US and Japanese models

• Bonus planes from the U.K., Germany, and the USSR

• Plane types include: Fighters, Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, Bombers, and Experimental

• Upgradeable planes to actual models for a total of over ninety planes

Game Features
• Compelling and dramatic story through the war

• Arcade and professional control modes

• Four difficulty levels: Rookie, Pilot, Veteran, Ace

• Workshop to customise your plane's weapon loadout and plane setup

• Player controllable wingmen, through a fast and intuitive menu system

• Cinematic replays of your missions

• Over one hundred and fifty planes fighting on screen, each with full AI and physics

• Realistic environments, including dynamic water and accurately recreated islands

• Incredibly detailed plane and ship models (15,000+ polygons), with complex lighting and environment effects

• Particle based 3D clouds

• Animated control surfaces and landing gear

• Ten campaigns, with twenty-six missions taken from real events of the Pacific campaign

• Five historical missions recreate actual acts of heroism in the Pacific

• Five training missions

Varied mission types: Ground attack, ground support, escort, defence, patrol, torpedo and dive-bombing

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