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The story behind Hired Team is happening in the not very distant future. The Year is 2064. The technological revolution and progress at the beginning of 21st century has lead to global urbanisation. The huge waste-infested Megacities fill now the planetary surface with their complicated infrastructures. The ultimate result? About 96 percent of Earth's population lives in those megalopolies
In this test you'll find two levels which are the result of hard and long work of level designers - lots of tuning involved here. There is nothing better then playing the deathmatch on the map called Kraft - lots of gore, lots of blood and… lots of stunning action awaits.The map called Halls is also nice for a deathmatch and there will be an surprising revelation if you play it in the team play mode.
What the company suggests is that they have manages to fix the multiplayer code so that 33.6 modem users will have a shot at beating T1 users. Try it and find out.

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