Hooligans: Storm Over Europe


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This is a Real Time Strategy game with a twist.
The object is to become the most notorious group of Hooligans in Europe.
You must kill, maim and destroy the opposing Hooligan teams.
You muster and control your faithful troops by administering drugs, alcohol and ofcourse a good dose of violence every now and then.
They must become true followers of your faction, for better or worse.
Not only good strategic skills are required but also a good political mindset and managing capabilities to keep your troops happy and violent.
Whoever is victorious and catches the publics attention in the media, will end up the most notorious Hooligans in Europe and the world!
A title that every Hooligan with his heart in the right place loves to fight for!

Ask not what your team can do for you, but what you can do for your team!

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