Hostile Waters - Antaeus Rising


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Features of the game include:

-21 missions
-Real physics modeling on all game objects.
-Dozens of enemy ground, air, and alien production facilities, including command centers, radar outposts, energy storage and production facilities.
-20+ different enemy units, including both human and 'alien' technology.
-Unique control and command interface, including a real-time 3D map that enables the player to manage and monitor up to 15 friendly units at any one time.
-Player can control any unit in Full 3D action mode.
-Picture-in-picture helps the player monitor vehicles tasks and progress.
-Player can control units in first person and third person action modes as well as traditional top-down 'Command & Conquer' style mode.
-Adaptive and reactive object oriented AI system.
-Unique Voice-Com system that allows players to follow the action through the communications of friendly and enemy units.
-The voices of Tom Baker ('Dr. Who'), Paul Darrow and Glynis Barber ('Blake's 7').


2032. The entire world is at peace for the first time. Together, the human race is moving to become a world civilization. Together, we are becoming great. Until the bombings start. A cabal of Old World magnates -- the now powerless financiers, the despots and Presidents, the death-loving military men -- are working together to destabilize the planet and return it to its fractured, hate-ridden war economy past. The past they understand, as opposed to the future they fear. Humanity has put away war, has put away weapons.

The cabal organize their forces from a spiral of twenty artificial islands in the Pacific, and we cannot touch them. We have no weapons... ...but there is something, moldering at the bed of the Pacific. The last of the Adaptive Cruisers, a carrier armed with an onboard nanofactory capable of generating tanks, attack choppers and fighter planes. It went down with all hands, and no-one recovered the Soulcatcher chips implanted in each crew member's brain, capturing their entire consciousness. Activation signals are sent to the last Adaptive Cruiser. It uses part of its tiny power reserves to create a single crew member, using the nanofactory to build him a new body around his Soulcatcher chip from ocean muck.

The other chips will be used to "crew" the attack vehicles the Cruiser will generate in this, its last mission -- penetrate the chicane of artificial islands and destroy the central base of operations. Save the world. To save the world for eternal peace, humanity must learn how to go to war again.... to take back the future, they must kill for peace.

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