Hype: the Time Quest Demo


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Hype, the heroic medieval knight, has fallen victim to the curse of Barnak, the Black Knight, while attempting to save the Kingdom from his evil curse. Exiled into the past, Hype is unable to find inner peace until he can return to his own time period and take his revenge. Players are challenged in this 3-D action/adventure game to discover the key to time travel and battle to return to Hype's time period. Facing monsters, dragons, and other medieval foes, Hype will not rest until he has avenged his enemies. Learning to control the elements -- light, thunder, and ice -- is only half the battle. Players must use strength, courage, and intelligence to solve a host of puzzles that threaten his path to victory. But be warned that this path will be long and complex, as this hero's legend follows him through time.

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