Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth Demo


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The game, Fountain Of Youth (known by many as FoY) is a freeware point and click adventure game with a similar style to the classic LucasArts adventure, Fate of Atlantis. It is being developed by an international team of enthusiastic fans of both Indiana Jones and point & click adventures.
Our game is not a SEQUEL, it does not continue where Fate of Atlantis finished. In fact, our game is set BEFORE Fate of Atlantis. We consider FoY to be a "sister" product.
The project first came about in 2001, when Jocke Andersson had the idea of making an un-official sequel for "Fate of Atlantis". He considered it to be a small project and retired as project leader in mid 2001.

At this stage, Mark Lovegrove took over the project and revamped it - and has led the project to the current day. The project has already gone through a lot of team changes, and other changes including a major story re-haul and more.

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