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"IQGOLF is a unique 3D virtual game (made for PC) and an exciting multi-dimensional concept that combines two of people's favorite pastimes, golf & trivia, in a game atmosphere that is easy to play, extremely entertaining and challenging.

The purpose of the game as in real golf is to complete a round of virtual golf in the least amount of strokes by using one's IQ as the instrument that controls the golf balls exact movement. The concept is so unique that it is currently under a patent pending process.

The player(s) play an 18-hole round of virtual golf. For each shot the game first predetermines a trivia topic for the player, then the player chooses what club he/she wishes to execute his/her shot understanding that the farther he/she wishes to hit the ball the more difficult the trivia question becomes. (i.e. Driver questions move the ball the furthest but are the most difficult, whereas the Sand Wedge questions are the easiest but move the ball the least amount of distance). Once the question appears a 15 second timer will commence counting down.

There are two key factors that determine the exact coordinates of a players' shot. First, the clubs yardage and the time remaining on the clock (2 bonus yard for each unused second) control the exact distance the ball travels. Second, the ball flight path depends on the answer, i.e. a correct answer yields a straight path, while an incorrect answer sends the ball off line into anyone of six trouble areas (hazards).

Once the player accumulates the appropriate yardage necessary to reach the green, their distance from the pin will be determined by the time it took them to execute their last shot. The game will randomly choose a trivia topic and a difficulty level of question (5 levels) based on the ball's position on the green relative to the hole. Once the question appears, a 20 second timer will commence counting down only stopping when player selects an answer.

A correct answer will putt the ball in the hole. A wrong answer will putt the ball only half the remaining distance causing the game to select a new trivia topic and difficulty level based on the players' new position. Once this question appears the timer will start again counting down from where it previously left off.

The player must correctly answer the question or this process continues to repeat itself. If the player runs out of time before correctly answering he/she would be assessed the maximum of 5 putting strokes for the hole."

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