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Kreed is a dynamic 1st- person-3D-Shooter with its action taking place at the graveyard of spaceships, in a mysteries area of cosmic Universe. Its hero, who is an elite warrior from a semi-religious organisation, will overcome lots of danger on his way, meet representatives of unknown to the mankind races and civilisations. Original weaponry and items of equipment, dynamic battles, lots of special effects allows a player find himself in the very centre of events, and the variety of level interior brings the colours of the fantastic world of the 3d century.

Main features:

The system of bringing game scenes into view uses modern possibilities of DirectX 8.0:

a. Pixel and vector shaders
b. Particle Systems
c. Per-pixel lighting
e. Texturing uses the maps of environments (cubemaps)
f. Projection textures cover all game objects including dynamic ones
g. Skeleton animation (up to 120 "bones" per character, fingers, lips and eyes are animated)
h. Volumetric and layered fog
i. Stencil-buffer based shadows
j. Up to 4000 polygons in a model

The game engine provides vast possibilities:

a. Realistic enemies' Artificial Intelligence
b. Realistic physical processes, impacts and explosions
c. Complex level design

Updated audio-engine that is compatible to the majority of modern sound cards:

a. Sounds of environment
b. Volumetric sound effects

Client-server architecture of X-Tend supports multiplayer game mode allowing simultaneous playing of great number of players via the Internet or LAN.

Different varieties of the multiplayer modes - DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch,ÑTF, Last Man Standing, Assault, etc.

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