The Legend of the Artifact Demo v1.02


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Featuring tons of multiplayer fun fitting for absolutely anyone, The Legend of The Artifact is an unique 2.5D platformer for up to 4 players!

"The Legend of The Artifact"

"Many, many years ago, a precious golden treasure, only called The Artifact, brought peace to the land and all it's people, from a place called the Sanctum. However, it was stolen from the people by an evil man. The artifact had great power, and could therefore bring peace, but it could also be used for great evil. Being brung so close to an evil heart like the man had, after all the time in peace, the artifact created smaller fragments of itself, with a small amount of power in each. Four heroes appeared with each their piece, and saved the land from the evil man and took back the artifact to it's shrine, the Sanctum, recovering the land's once peaceful state. Only one of the four heroes still remain today."

The Legend of The Artifact is a 2.5D platformer for up to 4 players. An evil wizard has stolen the golden treasure known as The Artifact, which keeps the land in peace and harmony. The legend says that four heroes saved the land last time it happened, and now four new heroes will have to stop the wizard and get back The Artifact to it's shrine, The Sanctum.
What the wizard's plans are, however, is to be revealed...

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