Lineage the Bloodpledge v1.90 Demo


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In the medieval world of Lineage™, choose to be a gallant knight, a resourceful wizard, a crafty elf, or a revered prince or princess. Play surrounded by guarded castles, perilous forests, sinister fens and valleys filled with the undead. Slay ferocious monsters unlike any known to man or elf.

-Discover the massive and ever-expanding world of Lineage.
-Journey to the fiery pits and rocky crags in the lair of the dragon, Valakas
-Descend into dark, dank dungeons and conquer monsters - living and dead - for treasure
-Explore the watery depths of the Kingdom of Eva and fight creatures of the deep
-Travel to cities to replenish supplies, swig ale and boast of your victories at taverns and inns

-Fight and win at the sides of your pledgemates

The world of Lineage is continuously growing, making no one game play experience the same.

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