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The Long Way is a sci-fi first person shooter game. This game is about a very big political conspiracy, which went out of control and had a very bad consequence on Earth and people.

Game Story:

Our world is in ruins.
The capital of Russia - Moscow was destroyed with many rockets and weapons. Miraculously, here in Moscow, many people survived and still live in their flats. Most of them established/joined local gang clans, creating a very unstable situation. The railroad in the northern region is still working, even though many regions of Moscow lie in absolute ruins.
Mihail Antonov, our main character of the game, lives near this railroad in his old flat in a partly abandoned building. From Moscow, every day, he rides on the train to his workplace, in Dolgoprudny, a small town, not damaged by the war. Many people from Moscow migrated there after this war. Gang clans control Dolgoprudny and they do not like visitors from other towns. Mihail works in a research lab, specializing in weather forecasting.

On this sunny March Monday, the entire day had gone horribly wrong for our hero. When he finally comes to Dolgoprudniy, he founds that many people escaped from the town. Also, his bus In Dolgoprudniy cannot drive him to his lab. Mihail decides to walk to research lab by
himself. He reaches it. Next happens what he didn't suspect and it finally separated his life to "before" and "after"! He does not suspect what else will happen today, and what the hell he must survive the next hours!

The game uses the Run3 Game Engine.
• Unique atmosphere
• Many sci-fi and outdoor locations
• Ingame computers - you can use them to open blast-doors
• Game inventory
• Clever, pathfinding NPCs
• Stereo 3d - via Anaglyph imaging
• Lip-syncing and facial animation
• Ingame Physics
• Game-specific soundtracks
• Many cut-scenes
• Unique Russian military transports, such as MRL "Smerch", GRAD, "Topol-M" and others
• Monsters
The first episode of the game will include the part of story, mentioned above.

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