Lords of Everquest Elddar Alliance Demo


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Game InfO:
Lords of EverQuest is a revolutionary Real-Time Strategy game inspired by the lore of the online gaming phenomenon EverQuest. Control Lords and colossal armies as you battle for total domination of the lands of Antonica.

Demo Info:
This new multiplayer demo allows you to play online as the Elddar Alliance faction.

We have for a long time known the Ogres have not always been as they are. It is common knowledge that in the twilight years of the Elder Age they commanded tremendous sorcerous powers and held sway over much of the continent once called Tunaria. So great in power did the Ogres grow that eventually they were capable of invading even the Plane of Earth where they battled the elemental gods who therein dwelled. But great as their powers were, they were unequal to the task of slaying the Council of Rathe.

Angered at the failures of his Ogre creations, the warlord god Rallos Zek led his own invasion of the Plane of Earth seeking to finish what his minions could not. Rallos too was turned aside by the greater gods and was banished back to the plane over which he ruled, barred forever from physical interaction with the other planes or the world of Norrath. To punish Rallos for his presumption and his children for their excesses, the Council of Rathe thus cursed the Ogres, Orcs and Giants, taking from them their exceptional gifts of intelligence and scattering them across all the world.

Here is where the orthodox history ends. For long and long, we have held these facts as the whole truth regarding the fall of the Ogres and the exile of Rallos Zek. But what has not been passed down to future generations and what has been expunged from the memories of all those who lived in the infamous Lost Age is that before fleeing the Plane of Earth the Ogres stole great secrets of power and brought them back to Norrath.

Though the Council of Rathe pursued the Ogres' lost prizes and sought to erase the forbidden knowledge the Ogres had obtained, much still evaded the Council's grasp. Artifacts, scrolls, and many other great treasures went down into the dark places of the earth, becoming old wives' tales, legends...myths. While the intellect of his children grew ever dimmer with each passing year, Rallos Zek extended his influence to see that their stolen secrets would be preserved. Someday an army worthy of his patronage would rediscover them. Someday he would have his revenge....

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