LUNA Beta 1.4

LUNA Beta 1.4
LUNA Beta 1.4
LUNA Beta 1.4
LUNA Beta 1.4


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LUNA has similarities to both SimCity and Pharaoh, but brings these types of games completely to the next level with a full 3-D engine, allowing more dynamic visuals and more interactive gameplay.

LUNA also features sim type problem solving, surround sound, a killer ambient soundtrack, and great replay value with dozens of mission based campaign objectives.


-First 3-D Sim game ever!
-Complete camera freedom in a fully 3-D gaming environment.
-Super realistic textures in a rich, immersive gaming experience.
-Dynamic lighting effects & 3-D special effects.
-More than 50 fully 3-D lunar buildings including Residencial, Industrial, research, Recreational and Military Structures.
-10 Disasters including: Meteor Showers, Terrorist Attacks, Moonquakes, Artifact Curses and more.
-3 exciting Campaigns with dozens of challenging, in-depth missions.
-A detailed storyline filled with mystery, humor, intrigue and exciting plot twists.
-Multi-national game characters and personalities.
-Tons of space facts integrating the activities of Nasa and the International Space Station.
-Dynamic gameplay featuring building, commerce, research and trading allowing players to become master of lunar colonization and industry. Ability to create extensive lunar colonies, construct manufacturing plants, mine precious ores and trade space goods in the galactic marketplace.
-Dozens of 3-D sounds, immersing players in a incredible lunar environment.
-Over an hour of killer ambient/electronic music.

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