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As a parallel Universe, Mankind lets you live an extraordinary adventure in a remote and unknown galaxy. First really persistent Universe ever, Mankind is much more than a real-time 3D strategy space game, Mankind welcomes you in a vast community of 100.000 players, to evolve in a Universe where you will be able to live according to your aspirations and to take part in the history of the Galaxy...

Mankind world is composed of several millions of systems, billions of planets with their own geologic and climatic features that you are free to exploit. More than 100 000 players have reached this galaxy.

Pioneer, you arrive in a galaxy under way of colonization, in which you will have to live according to your aspirations. You can act as you please, trade, explore, exploit, create huge land and spatial armadas; while allying with other players and taking part in the creation of new empires… You are the master of your fate and you alone will choose your inclinations, there's no limit except the one you'll have set.

As it's a parallel World, Mankind is open round the clock and 7 days a week. Whether you are online or not, time never stops. When you're offline, your spacecrafts stay in the Universe and keep on performing the orders you've allocated to them: Your Mines keep on extracting resources Your Factories keep on manufacturing spacecrafts Your Freighters keep on transporting resources A player can attack you while you're sleeping Your spacecrafts will then automatically fight … Even better, we can, if you wish, send a you message on your mobile phone to notify of an attack! All this will happen under the eyes of other online players from all over the world... you all play in the same World !!!

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