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Micro-Flight simulates flight over 3D photorealistic terrain and land vehicle navigation, it's main features are:

Highly realistic flight model built especially to simulate low speed flight characteristics and control.
Unique atmospheric model which simulates the flow of air over 3D terrain.
Realistic thermals and ridge effects which makes soaring as real as possible.
Simulates glider tow by plane or by truck.
Fully controllable weather and atmospheric conditions by day or night.
Huge land environment based on real topographic data and aerial photography.
Simulates land vehicle navigation in a fully open and realistic environment.
Roads which are fully adapted to the 3D topography.
Unrestricted roads and junctions allow free land navigation and exploration.
Fully functional 3D cockpit with no overlays.
Virtual 3D cockpit which allows unrestricted view panning and movement.
Multiplayer capability for online flying and racing in an extremely immersive environment.
Built using the latest technology in 3D graphic acceleration, sound mixing and multiplay.
A simulation that is truly built to expand using open formats for all files, makes adding sceneries and planes as easy as possible.

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