NBA Live 2001 (Update)

NBA Live 2001
NBA Live 2001
NBA Live 2001
NBA Live 2001


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The games features include:

-Online Community
Enhanced Chat & Match-up with the fast, easy-to-use Match-up System. Enter the online Lobby to set up a game, chat with friends, and more.

-Enhanced Franchise Mode
Execute more realistic blockbuster trades with up to 3 teams and 15 players using the new trade interface.

-New Player Interactions
See player personalities and emotions come out on the sidelines and in game: Players argue calls, celebrate a key basket, encourage their teammates, and more.

-Complete Control in the low post.
Back a defender down and then select from a number of different post moves such as an up and under, jump hook, and turn around and fade away jump shots. Feel the contact and battle for position, then finish off your defender with two the easy way.

-Legendary Players
Take on Michael Jordan and other legends of the NBA 1-on-1 or 5-on-5.

-Montel Jordan Soundtrack
Platinum recording artist Montel Jordan highlights another stellar LIVE soundtrack.

Various language versions of the demo have been released. Except for the English,German and Spanish offered for download here you can also get the French and Hebrew versions from EA's ftp.

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