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Ageia, the company that has produced the dedicated Physics Processing Unit (PhysX), has released a physics demo that demonstrates the potential of the NovodeX Physics API.

For those of you not quite sure what this is about, we should mention that the Unreal 3 has licensed and will be using NovodeX physics.

NovodeX Rocket, is a demo suite that demonstrates the potential of the NovodeX Physics API. NovodeX Rocket was built by customizing the source code of the ODF Rocket project, freely available at the site. An important component of Rocket and ODF is PSCL, a powerful physics scripting language. With Rocket you can quickly prototype many of your physically-based gameplay ideas within a high-level environment, rather than spending your valuable time writing ad-hoc demos.
NovodeX Rocket comes with an extensive set of scripts highlighting fundamental features of the underlying NovodeX Physics API, as well as creative examples of physics content in a game environment. The Rocket application is freely downloadable (14 Mbytes, follow the download tab above), and you can build your own version by combining the ODF Rocket project with the NovodeX Physics API, which is available free for non-commercial use from the Novodex website: follow the download tab above to get started.

W, S, A, D, mouse and left click control camera. Space shoots balls, while right click on ragdolls to manipulate them. Each demo's additional controls will come up on the screen when required.

A more recent 2.0 alpha version of this demo is also available but considering it's still experimental and weighs in at a hefty 68 MB, you might want to try out version 1.1 first.

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