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The battle of Pearl Harbor became the first of many to be fought over hostile waters. Now you can participate in all the major Pacific battles of the World War II in Pacific Storm: a game that seamlessly incorporates RTS into a major flight simulation title. Fight on either side, controlling US or Japanese forces and change the outcome of each historical battle!

Key Features:

· Detailed 3D models of vehicles - including battleships, aircraft-carriers, destroyers, cruisers and rocket cruisers, submarines, torpedo boats, tankers, cargo ships and transports, fighters, attack planes, torpedo-bombers, strategic bombers, reconnaissance planes, land cannons and antiaircraft guns - all designed according to drafts from historical archives.

· A wide system of upgrades include the option of producing nuclear or biological weapons.

· Total freedom of strategic and tactical decisions.

· First-person view available (while taking control of a planes or a submarines)

· Units gain experience and can be transferred between battles.

· Realistic 3D landscapes and weather conditions - mist, storms & rain.

· Multiplayer via LAN supports tactical map battles and multiplayer simulation combat.

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