Pack Rat V. 1.0 Demo


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I am almost sure by now you know the story of Abel and the situation he is in. For the few who do not, It's kinda simple really... Abel has been working on his final project for school, A laser that decompiles any matter into atoms and teleports the matter to another location...(sounds familiar so far right) anyhow, one day while Abel is working in his basement on the project his little brother comes running into the room chasing after the cat with a water gun....
As Abel is about to send an apple through the machine.., his brother chases the cat across the main computers keyboard causing the computer to reposition it's target. Just before the cat jumps off it's rear paw hits the enter key and Abels little brother lets off with the water gun causing the computer to fire the laser and sparks shoot everywhere and the lights flicker Abel notices the laser pointing twords him but before he gets a chance to move outta the way.....
When Abel comes to he wakes up what looks like a city but it is made up of all lights and circuts with a huge maze in the center that streches out across the horizon as far as he can see. In the distance he sees a tower but before he can get his senses, He hears a womans voice echo through the streets..."Virus detected level 8...erradicate virus immediatly" ..."Virus??" oh man I am in my P.C."
Register it and you get three more levels, the editor and the source code.

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