Penumbra Overture Demo


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The demo of Penumbra: Overture gives you a short taste of the full episode. You'll get a chance to play the first couple of levels and tease your brain slightly with a few puzzles as you play around with the advanced physics.

Penumbra: Overture is an enthralling first person action adventure using an advanced and internally developed real-time 3D engine which conveys player freedom and immersion aiding an already captivating storyline where the player has to use his/her wits to guide the protagonist on his quest to unravel the past.

The first episode takes place in an underground facility on Greenland where the player finds himself alone, confused and with no way to get out. Something is wrong... where is everyone, and what are those strange noises?

It has been two weeks since Philip's mother died when he receives a letter from his late father, whom he never met, telling him to retrieve a book in a safe-deposit box and burn it. Intrigued he ignores the request and studies the book intensely, discovering clues that points to a place in Greenland and after much thought Philip decides to go there. Arriving in Greenland and certainly unprepared he almost instantly gets lost in a blizzard. Nearing exhaustion and frantic as hypothermia starts to wash over his body he stumbles upon a strange metal hatch. Convinced this hatch is what he is looking for, Philip enters. As he descends into the depths of the unknown, what started out as a quest for the past turns into a struggle for survival.

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