Pet Soccer Demo


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Pet Soccer is a cool soccer game for young children. However, as there is a child inside each of us everyone will surely enjoy this little bit of sport. It is a beautifully colored 3D game, which will draws everyone's attetion to it.

There's not much plot behind the game - it's pure sport!!! Competing, that's what the game is about. You can meet again with the well-known animals from Pet Racer again. This time however, they decided something different. All together there are twelve crazy and amuzing animal-teams.

Each team has its own field. All together there are over fifteen fields to play on. Thanks to seven different championships you will be able to travel around the world and visit its every corner.

Of course, nothing comes easy. To be able to play with all the teams you have to win with them first, proving being worthy to manage them.

A little bit of cheating is allowed. During the matches both teams can sometimes (if they deserve it) use SUPER powers, such as usper-shot, super-feint...

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