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Mythopea Games have released the updated version 2.0 of their Phoenix Racing demo. The demo now features the Allard J2X MK1, Dynamic lights and environments, Real time racing, Modification of cars, Two tracks : Blackdog speedway, Volcanic Drag, Custom race setup, Custom menus, Up to Five AI Bot racers and the choice of Keyboard, Mouse, or Joystick Controls.

Manual v2.0

Increase Throttle................up arrow
Decrease Throttle................down arrow
Turn Left........................left arrow
Turn Right.......................right arrow bar

1.) Automatic
To shift press the clutch button and one of these.
Shift Up.....................w
Shift Down...................s

2.) Manual
There are four manual shifters; 3-6 speed.
To shift press the clutch button and any one of these.

Types Neutral 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Reverse
3speed a w s e d
4speed a w s e d r
5speed a w s e d r f
6speed a w s e d r f g

Overhead Map................o
Position Menu...............p
Pit Stop....................x
Change view.................v
Track cameras...............F1-F5
Mouse Throttle toggle.......j
Mouse Steering toggle.......k


Main Button: Allows you to configure the menu system, and make certain
changes to the game. Buttons in the menu include:
-Music Player
-Change Skin

Music Player: The buttons function like a real world CD player.
Stop, play, next, previous, volume up, and down. The power button will exit
the player. It also has a load button. It allows the user to load custom play
lists to enjoy throughout the game. Play list file and the mp3's must be in
the main folder of the game. To create your own play list, first make a text
file. In the first line of the text file must be a name that is the same as
the saved text file (this is the name that will appear on the player display).
The second line will be the number of the songs in the play list. You can
have up to ten songs. Starting on the 3rd line put the exact name of the file
to be played, including the extension.

Change Skin: This allows you to pick 1 of 5 customized looks for the game client

Reset: Erases all data from your game file and resets to new game.

Stats: Gives the users the run down of wins, loses, and ranks. They appear in this order.
-2nd place
-3rd place
-Ranking Car 1
-Ranking Car 2
-Ranking Car 3

Credits: The usual acknowledgments and thanks to everyone who contributed towards the game.


-Steering Column
-Fuel Injection
-Drive Shaft
-Sell Car
-Repair Car

Garage Menu
The garage menu has 2 different sections. In the top right corner is the HUD menu.
Just underneath that is the shop menu.

HUD: (Heads Up Display) serves two purposes. The first being a visual
representation of upgrades installed on the selected car. The Second is a brief description of the part that is in that particular slot.

Shop: This menu has 8 different buttons. The first 6 are used for purchasing upgrades.
Engines: Determines the horsepower and max RPMs.

Transmissions: Used for gear ratio and amount of gears
(Automatic shifter, or 3, 4, 5, and 6speed manuals).

Turbo Systems: There can only be one type on a car.
Turbo gives a quick burst of acceleration to gain more ground.
These are limited to one use per race.

Brakes: The better the brakes, the better the stopping power.

Suspension: The type of suspension affects how hard or far you bounce.

Wheels: a.k.a. tires. Wheels for sale come in sets of four.
They affect how you handle road conditions and add to the final drive ratio.

Steering Column: Determines the turning strength of the car. The higher
the tighter the turning radius.

Fuel Injection: This deals with the acceleration value, and how time it
takes to reach top speed once hitting the gas.

Carburetors: Improves the throttle efficiency. The better this is,
the faster a car will respond to increasing speeds.

Drive Shaft: Affects gear efficiency.

Sell Car: Allows the use to sell their car, allowing them to fill
this car slot with another model from the showroom. Note: The buyback
rate will be a fraction of the cars original value.

Repair Car: Fixes any damage on the vehicle, received during a race.
Players with damage will find their performance hampered unlike new or
repaired machines.

Show Room

New cars can be viewed and purchased here. The car will appear, along with a description and its price. Use the Next and previous buttons to switch models.
Once a car has been chosen, and the correct funds are available, click the buy button.
The back button will return you to the previous menu.


The stock menu is where the player's cars and other info can be viewed.
Clicking on one of the three car slots will select the vehicle desired for the race, or to mod or repair. Users can own up to three cars.

-Car 1
-Car 2
-Car 3

Car 1: First slot for purchased car. Show's name, condition, and car ranking.

Car 2: Second slot for purchased car.

Car 3: Third slot for purchased car.

Avatar: Displays the racer's current avatar. This can be changed at any time
by clicking on the picture and selecting from pop up window.

Money: Displays the amount of money on hand. Win races to earn more cash.


Note: Before racing, a player must have purchased a car through the showroom, and have said car selected
by going to the stock menu. When clicked a dialogue box will appear with two choices; Single player for one
person to play against the computer A.I. or multiplayer to setup up a race against other players online.

Clicking on "1 Plyr" button will make a dialogue box appear with a text field for player name, a track button to
select which track to race, a start button to proceed to race or a back button to quit back the the previous menu.

Before choosing "multi" Users must set up a server through the server.exe in the game directory.
Once the server has been made, pressing multi will log the player into the race.

*When joining another player's game. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SET THE SERVER. Pressing the mutli button will instead bring up a dialogue box similar to the single player one. Major difference to note is the extra text field to input the IP address of the server you wish to join.


This program inside the phoenix racing directory is the setup screen for a multiplayer race. It has a section for general race settings as well as computer A.I. configuring.

-Server name
-Max #
-Allowed player rank
-Tweaked server rules
-Environmental Effects
-AI Bots
-Level of Difficulty

Server name: The name of the server that will appear on the game window.

Track: Used to select which track will be played. Both the Host and the players joining, must have the same course selected. The track menu also contains a custom track button. The custom track files must be placed in the main folder, these consist of the .wmb, .wrs, and the .exe. When the custom button is clicked, players will type the name of the file (example: mydragtrack) do not put spaces in track name.
All players must have a copy of the track to race.

Max # of players: Type in the number of players will be joining the game.
A drag track has a max number of 2; all others have a max of 5, with the addition of 5 A.I. Bots. The amount of max players set, must be logged in before the race will begin. For single player game, this should be set as one.

Allowed player rank: This controls the ranking of players allowed into the competition.
The amount of money won, is affected by rank. Player's ranking for each car owned can
be viewed in the stock menu. Default starting rank is 1. Make sure to set this equal,
or greater then your rank.

Tweaked Server rules: Allows the customization of a server. Only the player hosting the race can apply changes to the values. There are six areas which can be changed.

Number of laps: This how many laps that can be set for a track.
Note: Drag strips should always be set to one. The game will not finish if a drag is set to any more then this.

Gravity control: Affects the world's gravity amount and jumps. The normal should
be from 20 to 40.

Bounce strength: This is how high cars bounce after a jump. Default is 0.

Slope speed: The amount of speed lost when going up hills. Default is 4.

Banking speed: Changes how much speed the car looses when turning. Default is 2.

Wheelie %: The percentage of speed it takes to raise the front of the car. Default is 0.8.

Environmental effects: Set the type weather or time for the track.

A.I. Bots: Each one of these five buttons will enable a computer opponent.

Level of difficulty: This is changes how challenging the bots are.

Start: Click here after the other areas of the server race setup menu have been filled out in order to create the server.

**To exit a race at anytime bring up your position menu and click the exit button.


This button links to the Mythopoea Games Inc. online chat. Here users can talk to, challenge one another, and generally enjoy the monochromatic community. Must sign in with the same username and password used as used for our forums.

Minimum game requirements:

600MHz processor
Higher then 256 RAM
Graphics accelerator card
Win 98

For more help/technical support, follow the download tab above.

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