Pixel: ru² Demo


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Pixel is a platformer that has puzzle and shooter elements, with mechanics like gravity manipulation and color theory based puzzles and combat.

In the very distant future artificial intelligence (AI) will be so common in technology that even a single pixel of an image file may be controlled by its very own AI. In Pixel: ru² you play as one of these pixels inside of a computer system that has been infected by a virus of unknown origins. You will have to navigate around image files as you try to stop the virus and save the computer system that you are a part of.

Navigating around the image files won't be an easy task. Not only will you have other pixels that have been infected with the virus trying to attack you, but you will also have some complicated platforming to do that involves manipulating gravity on yourself and other objects. You will also need to change your color to get passed barriers and use different color ammo to fight off the pixels that are trying to stop you.

Pixel: ru² will also include a level editor for creating and sharing your own levels with other people. The level editor is simple enough that anyone can make a level by just dragging and dropping blocks, but it also offers complex options like a logic system that allows users to do more advanced stuff.

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