Prince of Qin Beta Client


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Prince of Qin Beta Client:

Now you can be a part of the Qin kingdom after the passing of the first Emperor, of China. This is an MMOG that will put you into the Qin empire with thousands of other players.


Over 100 different locations including 28 cities, 18 counties, and 78 country fields. This does not include building interiors at these locations.

You get to choose to play from one of five basic character types- Paladins, Wizards, Assassins, Witches and Musclemen. All of them will have their unique sets of skills and abilites.

Game content is inspired by the art and history from the period of the game.

Interact with over 70 different Non-Player Characters in stores, palaces, mansions and inns.

Magic is based on the five elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. In ancient China, philosophers believed that the world was made up of these elements.

Players can combine raw materials and combine precious items to forge new weapons.

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