PRISM - Threat Level Red E3 2006 Demo


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PRISM: Threat Level Red, developed under official license of the U.S. Army National Guard, is a PC first-person shooter in which the player takes the lead role as a PRISM operative, defending homeland America against a growing terrorist threat.

Taking place in the near future, the player is a member of a highly secretive, homeland security defence unit known as PRISM.

P.R.I.S.M. (Pre-emptive Reconnaissance and Identification Security Mainframe) is a sophisticated computer system which allows the government to wirelessly hack into video surveillance equipment across America. From traffic light control cameras to home webcams, the system is constantly watching - taking pictures of anyone-and-everyone, then matching them with a database, using a highly sophisticated face recognition system, to known terrorists.

The PRISM system will provide the player with constant information regarding the threats they encounter during the game. The player can also draw upon their own, unique and specially designed, equipment to cross-reference threats with the PRISM system, in order to help identify potential threats before they physically encounter them.

The ability to use the PRISM system to their advantage forms the backbone of the game, providing the player with the narrative and the action which helps to drive the story forwards.


PRISM: Threat Level Red is an action game with stealth elements. The player can approach each of the single-player missions using all out, run-and-gun tactics, or employ a more stealthy approach, using a variety of specially designed, high-tech equipment to help them.

Blending a mixture of action and stealth, the single-player campaign will take the player on a rollercoaster ride across America, where they will identify and neutralise terrorist cells, which threaten homeland security.The player is not always fully briefed on what to expect and must use their resources to adapt to an evolving situation. Although usually acting alone during most missions, the player will sometimes be joined by security guards, or even National Guard troops (Special Forces strike teams), who help them deal with the emerging threat.

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