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Purge is an online-only computer game. It is a hybrid First-Person-Shooter / Role-Playing-Game set in the near future accounting a war between the diametrically opposed forces of science-fiction (the Order) and fantasy (the Chosen). Technology versus magic. Science versus religion. Purge is being developed by Freeform Interactive LLC and utilizes the LithTech Talon system.

Science is in a golden age: decades passed since the first android and genetically modified humans were developed. These beings of scientific perfection are several magnitudes stronger and smarter than normal man. They are collectively known as the Order. Eventually, the Order creates a one world government, and world peace.

This "worldwide order" comes at a high cost. A great social divide develops between the Order and ordinary humans. Rejected from the utopian society of the Order, some turn to the teachings of a man with seemly divine powers named Mabus and a new religion, the Chosen. Mabus preaches of attaining spiritual perfection thru constant magical research and supernatural enhancement. To be religiously pure, one must reject all forms of technology. The Chosen considers androids as "soul-less machines".

As the Chosen gained in popularity, the Order saw them as the greatest threat to civilization. Mabus, who openly taught his followers to practice sorcery, is considered the incarnation of ultimate evil; an evil that would consume the world in unnatural witchcraft. Simply known as the Purge, the war started when the Order killed the Chosen's leader, Mabus.

Purge is a war of self-righteousness and extreme intolerance; of fundamental values and the preservation of entire livelihoods. The Order is protecting the very fabric of a modern world - the right for scientific knowledge to even exist. The Order fears what the Chosen seek, a worldwide theocratic government (rule by religion). The Chosen believe they are "chosen ones" to cleanse the world of non-believers by eliminating technology wherever it exists in the name of Mabus, so that he will one day return.

Demo Features:

- Players can choose from 8 classes, Science-Fiction or Fantasy: Android, Mage, Cyborg, Fighter, Commando, Assassin, Wastelander, & Monk.

- Well documented RPG core system allows players to choose from 32 subclass or build their own custom character. Create characters that enhance your playing style.

- With the 7 attribute DETAILS system, Purge can have characters impossible in other shooters. Decide whether you rather have more run speed or more health. Set your character to have more accuracy or more ammo.

- An arsenal of 32 completely unique weapons such as Chemical Grenades, Fire Traps, EnergyKenesis, and the Phoenix Axe.

- Don't like shooting? Play one of Purge's 8 non-combat, support roles. Players can actually succeed at Purge without directly fighting. Use 24 skills such as Faith Healing, Nano Generator, and Charge Station to build base structures, health packs, and character enhancements.

- Employ actual strategies, tactics, and teamwork. The incredible depth in Purge allows every tactic to have a counter. Discover ways to slowdown or completely counter the "run-and-gun" rushing tactics. Lay mines, scout, or build barriers.

- Earn experience points to upgrade your character by eliminating enemies or assisting friends.

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