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The Rage
The Rage


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The development of this game started the last September; the idea was to take the gameplay quality and the concept of the great old successes like "Streets of Rage" and "Final Fight", adding moves, different possible ways, variety and, especially, the resources of the new tecnologies. At the end, in The Rage there will be up to 4 uman players (selectable within a karateka, a wrestler, a metal man and a pretty woman), 8 stages and an insteresting network mode. The final version will be probably released on December 2001 (but for now a publisher is being sought). The new update of the demo includes:
A new character, Bruce.
Graphics have also been improved and some bugs have been resolved and now the game is playable with up to 3 players with the same PC. If you have The Rage demo version 0.5 you can download the update (2Mb), otherwise you can download the full version (12Mb).

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