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Rally Trophy is a challenging racing game and the first "historic" rally simulation. One of the most exciting elements of the game are classic racecars such as the Ford Cortina, the Fiat 600 Abarth and the Morris Mini Cooper. There are twelve shining old classics to drive in total, all of which have been modelled in great detail and extremely realistically.

Great emphasis has been put in visualization. The race passes through beautiful landscapes with varying time and weather conditions such as daylight, sunset, snowfall, rain, storm and foggy weather. Everything imaginable is included, such as fine particle effects, skid marks and reflections. We have used the latest digital photo technology to create a more realistic and stunning graphical environment than ever before.

We have developed a new state-of-the-art 3D engine and extremely accurate vehicle dynamics for this game. The engine supports all the latest 3D graphic cards and gives a very high performance with stunning visual effects. Our car dynamics make it possible to have incredible playability and impressive car handling.

Rally Trophy is a combination of stunning playability, shocking visuals and a fine selection of cars and tracks. It's true fun, smooth to play and adds some unique content to the racing game genre.

Facts :

First "historic" rally simulation
11 famous classic car models
Latest state-of-the-art technology used
Superior visual effects
Extremely accurate and realistic car physics and damage model
Digitally captured textures and extremely detailed graphic models create a realistic atmosphere
42 exciting, challenging and visually stunning race tracks
Different seasons and weather conditions make tracks fresh and varying
Release : "its done when its done" :) (watch the boards for more info)
Car repairing and tuning will also add tactical elements to the race.

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