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[[Game Details]]

Reaction Quake 3 (or simply known as "Reaction") is essentially a direct-as-possible port of Action Quake 2 (AQ2) to Quake 3: Arena. Because the A-Team decided to continue work on Action Half-Life and Action Unreal Tournament, there will be no official port of AQ2 to Quake 3. Reaction Quake 3 is a community-based effort to implement the gameplay from the hit modification with Quake 3's superior rendering engine and networking code.

[[Additional Info]]

Beta 1 Features:

All the Original Weapons and Items
Remember how it felt when you snuck behind a camper and launched the poor sucker across the map with the handcannon? Or remember the time you sniped the ears (and head) off the bunny-hopping auto-monkey? We do, and your MK23 pistol and all its friends have been faithfully re-created and await your return.

New and Ported Maps
Battle through new maps like the torn grounds of Chill and the shops of Reaction Mall. Return to the slimy confines of Sludge Inc. or the lush climate of Deep Canyon 2. Action happens everywhere.

Classic Action Deathmatch
Life before teamplay-- just like the good old days. Staying alive meant being rewarded with bonus frags and dying meant... well, that you should practice more.

Action Combat System
Aim is just as important in Reaction. Running and gunning makes for bad shots, while crouching and holding ground will get you more accuracy. Shoot someone in the legs and cripple him or her. A head shot is almost certainly fatal. Projectile wounds will bleed you to death unless time is spent to bandage yourself. All this adds up to another gameplay element that made Action what it was and what Reaction will be.

Action-style Physics
Strafe jumps, double jumps, ramp jumps, ladder jumps -- moving never took so much technique and practice. Reaction Beta 1's implementation isn't perfect yet, but it's getting there and we're committed to getting it as close as possible. Oh, and remember how jumping off a skyscraper roof and hitting asphalt was a bad idea? It still is.

A Complete Aesthetic Makeover
Expect a whole slew of new graphics, sounds, and special effects all vividly rendered by the Quake 3 engine to further your action experience.

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