Redneck Racing


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Officially endorsed by Leonard and Bubba, Off-Road Redneck Racing is a blast of seriously fun off-road racing action.
Select from 16 different vehicles types - each with three styling variations making for a grand total of 48 unique racing machines - and take on the best drivers in the south across 24 challenging tracks, spread across 6 environments.
Are your driving skills good enough to take you from division 4 to one of the top teams and onto the ultimate goal of winning the Drivers Championship? It will be your driving skills alone that will earn you invitations from other teams, upgrades from your sponsors and promotion to a higher division.
Race in differing light and weather conditions, from broad daylight to night races - where the twisting courses are only revealed in the glare of your headlights - from dry forest runs to rain-slicked, mud-splattered nightmares.
Offroad Redneck Racing also features Challenge and Time Trial modes. Challenge offers you the chance to drive against CPU cars of varying skill levels at the location and track of your choice as well as a 2 Player mode featuring a split screen configuration. Time Trial offers a different scenario, compete on your own in a bid to shave seconds off that fastest lap, then visit the fastest times gallery to see if any of your times have made the Top Ten. And for multi-play enthusiasts we offer LAN racing for up to 6 players, allowing you to take on your friends in fender-to-fender races.
Featuring an insanely detailed and accurate physics engine, you'll feel every bump and roll as you're thrown around the undulating courses, where track-side objects can be driven through or knocked onto the courses to obstruct other racers.

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