Remote Assault


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Remote Assault melds real time game play with realistic wargaming in a unique and refreshing blend. The features included in the game have never been offered in one wargaming package:

All terrian and units rendered in Full 3D. This allows viewing the battle field from any orientation or direction.

Full chain of command orders can be issued at the unit, squad or group command level. Allows you to effectively control a large number of units.

Intelligent path finding. Implements A-Star at three different levels along with linear predictive collision avoidance. No more unit wandering off or getting stuck.

Full fog of war with true line of sight. Units can only see what you would see in the same position and cannot see around trees or over hills.

Detailed damage to units. Units can lose theirs sensors, and can have their movement, armor or weapons damaged.

Realistic ballistic modeling on artillery and tank shells. Shell paths affected by air resistance.

Unit, squad, and group behavior controlled by a number of user setable variables such as self-preservation, ammo conserve, caution, and independence. You can individually tweak these levels or choose from presets such as aggressive or cautious. You can also set up your own presets.

Single and 2 player LAN and Internet play. CD-ROM for Windows 95/98. Printed rulebook.

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