Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition Demo v1.021b


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Rise of Flight is a next generation WWI combat flight simulator for the PC. Immerse yourself in realistic aerial combat above the trenches. Fly famous aircraft including the Fokker Dr.1, Sopwith Camel, S.E.5a and Albatros D.Va. and many more!

This version of Rise of Flight can be played for an unlimited time and features two flyable aircraft with full access to all their features. This should not be viewed as just a Demo, but more as a limited version of the Full game.
The Unlimited ROF Demo includes the following.
• - Flyable Spad 13 and Albatros D.Va.
• - Full Access to Single Player and Multiplayer Modes for each aircraft.
• - Full Access to Career Mode for each aircraft.
• - Full Access to Gunner Positions in Bombers and Recon Aircraft in Multiplayer.

Step 1: Download the Unlimited Rise of Flight Demo.exe from the link below and double click install.
Step 2: Run the ROF Launcher by double clicking the ROF shortcut which was put on your desktop.
Step 3: Once in the launcher, select your game Settings and then click on Update to check for any updates.
Step 4: Install any updates if available and then click on Start and Start one more time to launch the game.
Step 5: Click on "Register Demo or Activate Retail Copy" from the main screen in-game.
Step 6: Enter this code when registering your copy of the Demo.

Unlimited ROF Demo Key-Code: 77777-77777-77777-77777-77771

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