Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition Demo V1.025b


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Welcome to the NEW Unlimited Rise of Flight Demo! This version of Rise of Flight can be played for an unlimited time and features two flyable aircraft with full access to all their features. This should not be viewed as just a Demo, but more as a limited version of the Full game.
Unlike our previous Demo, you can now purchase and add new aircraft and content to the Unlimited ROF Demo. By downloading the Unlimited ROF Demo you can now build your own custom version of ROF by adding content at your own pace through the ROF Store.

The Unlimited ROF Demo includes the following.
• — Flyable Spad 13 and Albatros D.Va.
• — Full Access to Single Player and Multiplayer Modes for each aircraft.
• — Full Access to Career Mode for each aircraft.
• — Full Access to Gunner Positions in Bombers and Recon Aircraft in Multiplayer.

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