Robot Misfits Demo


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Robot Misfits is a puzzle platformer that requires players to tactfully switch between four robots with varying abilities, using teamwork to survive.

Decades of cast away projects have found their way into the factory with much more potential and life within them that their creators never saw. These misfits have established their own utopia within the factory and seek that all 'new arrivals' join them in this new life, away from humans and masters, free to do as they please within the factory.

Wheelie, Hover, Magno and Shrink are the latest 'arrivals' into this factory, and they need to cooperate to follow the factory's overseer to the utopia. Wheelie's sprint ability makes him the fastest of the robots, capable of sprinting past fast moving objects. Hover can jump higher and further to reach ledges out of reach of his comrades. Magno can climb on magnetic surfaces, allowing him to get to places the others can't. Shrink can fit himself into small pipes, vents and gaps that are too big for his more cumbersome companions.

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