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Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure video game!

“Read this message CAREFULLY ! Good men have risked their lives to send it to you!
Over a century ago, the Nazis won World War II. It was a horrible deviation of history that has plunged our world into a nightmare of fascist terror. But we believe YOU can change history. With our help you will prevent the Nazis from winning the war. You can end this nightmare before it begins!"
We, an underground group of freedom loving scientists from many nations, sent the equipment that has just appeared in your laboratory. If the coordinates on our ZeitWerks machine were set properly, it must be now early May, 1940 and the Nazis are about to strike again."

Rocket Ranger is a World War 2 action-adventure game, originally released by Cinemaware in 1988 on the Amiga and many other platforms. At the time, it earned some of the highest reviews of all Amiga games and endeared it in the hearts of many gamers around the world for its great atmosphere, presentation style and fun gameplay

Cinemaware is now working at bringing Rocket Ranger back with its unique blend of action sequences, strategic decision-making, and an exciting plot involving historical and science-fiction events! The game will be presented in an authentic atmosphere set in the world of the 1930/40s - all in high-definition stylized graphics with a new orchestral soundtrack and amazing sound effects! All of the game's action sequences will be vastly enhanced while staying true to the spirti of the original game.

Among the original gameplay elements that will come back are;
Dogfighting sequences against a larger variety of enemies and scenarios!
Exciting shoot-outs at secret, expanded Nazi locations!
Boxing punch-outs against multiple enemy guards!
Strategic-decision making as you deploy and manage your secret agents!
Rocket and weapons research at the Fort Dix labs!

This game is currently being funded via Kickstarter.

In Rocket Ranger Reloaded, with your help we intend to go one step beyond: we will not only bring back all the original source material that made the game great back in 1988 (while enhancing several of its shortcomings), but we will also boost and expand it with tons of new content (locations, items, weapons, equipment, outfits, characters, vehicles, etc.), gameplay upgrades, brand-new action and story sequences, a deeper strategic component and several new characters that will truly come together to help fulfill the great vision of this unique game!

Rocket Ranger Reloaded is being produced by a team of very experienced and talented developers, including all members of the team who brought you Wings! Remastered Edition!

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