Runesword II Demo


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Runesword II is an RPG designed to appeal to "pen and paper" role-players, RuneSword II comes with two full-length adventures and a construction set.

Blocks and Legos, Erector Sets and Lincoln Logs, that's where RuneSword II began. The best toys of our youth were always the ones that we could create with.

But then there was also our dissatisfaction with computer role-playing games. Where was the balance between combat and adventuring? What happened to dialog and puzzles (you know, ones that aren't wall switches)? Where's the strategy in combat?

Moreover, where were the tools so that everybody could pitch in and make more adventures? Why are so many construction sets close-ended, with stifling limitations? Or so taxing that only a professional programmer could figure them out? Where's the tools for the rest of us that allow rapid construction of magic items, skills, spells, maps, treasure, monsters and more?

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