Sam and Max - Season 2 Episode 4: Chariots of the Dogs Demo


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Sam & Max 204: Chariots of the Dogs has just been released from Telltale's site, along with this free demo. Finally, you'll find out what happened to Bosco... and maybe even save him from the nefarious clutches of T-H-E-M.

This is the episode where the disparate story threads of Season Two start to weave together, so if you've been following the season, you're in for a real treat. Plus we're headed for a mind-blowing season finale in April. Yes, mind-blowing.

Sam & Max are back for a second season of warm, melty episodic goodness. The new season promises a number of improvements, including changes to all the recurring locations (and a few brand new ones), a more lively populace in each locale, all-new, unique mini-games in every episode, updated driving game with improved controls (plus you can now upgrade your DeSoto), and even more bizarre scenarios that will take Sam & Max from the arctic to the tropics and beyond!

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